Ghana Prisons Service Recruitment and Enlistment Process Is Out

By | February 20, 2020

Ghana Prisons Service Recruitment and Enlistment Process Is Out 2022

Ghana Prisons Service Recruitment and Enlistment Process Is Out

Applicants are responsible for their own transportation, feeding, accommodation and other expenses throughout the recruitment exercise.

1.       Applicants who meet the initial requirements will be short-listed and invited to centres of their choice for further processes.

2.   Short-listed applicants will be invited for the following:

a.      Physical and Body screening

b.      Inspection and verification of all necessary documents

c.       Aptitude Test

d.      Medical Examination

3.      Artisans, sportsmen/women and bandsmen who are successful in item 2 above will undertake a competency based test in Accra.

4.      Results submitted during the application process shall be verified at WAEC and other appropriate examination bodies hence Applicants who present false documents would be arrested and prosecuted.

5.   Applicants who are successful in [2] above will go through a thorough criminal and background check.

6.   Applicants who are cleared of criminal records would be invited to commence  training.


1.   Sales of e-voucher commence on 19th February and Ends on 9th March, 2022.

2.   Online registration starts on 21st February and ends on 12th March, 2022.

3.   The Ghana Prisons Service is an equal opportunity employer, hence applicantsMUST refuse offers from “connection men”.  Do not pay money to anyone.

4    Apart from applicants with Diploma in Registered General/Psychiatric Nursing and Agriculture who will be appropriately placed, all other applicants shall start from Second Class Officer Rank after completion of training.

5.      Apart from Medical Doctors, Dental Surgeons, Doctors of Optometry and Pharmacists who will be appropriately placed, all other graduates shall start from Assistant Superintendent of Prisons (ASP) after completion of training.

6.   Artisans, bandsmen and sportsmen/women who are selected will assemble at the Prison Officers Training School in Accra for practical test. The date and time would be communicated to them in course of the recruitment process.


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