Ghana Immigration Service GIS Motto

By | March 8, 2020

Ghana Immigration Service GIS Motto

Ghana Immigration Service GIS Motto – Check Below:


Our cardinal aims are to maintain an effective, efficient control on and after entry, which meets prescribed service standards and to do so in a professional, cost effective way, and also contribute to economic growth and improved standards of living for residents of Ghana through the facilitation of increased tourism and foreign investment. In pursuit of these aims, our main objectives have been to:
• To ensure that people who do not qualify for entry under the various Immigration Laws and Regulations such as PNDCL 226, the Immigration Act 2000 and the Immigration Regulations 2001 do not enter Ghana. • Ensure that applications for permits are handled efficiently and effectively amongst other things encouraging investment to Ghana.
• Deal expeditiously with departing passengers.
• Ensure that people who have no entitlement to remain in Ghana are removed expeditiously, and that firm action is taken against people who facilitate or harbour illegal migrants.
• Lastly, to co-operate fully with other agencies that have a legitimate interest in the movement of people in and out of Ghana, and of their presence in the country.

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