Ghana Immigration Service GIS General Duties

By | March 8, 2020

Ghana Immigration Service GIS General Duties

Ghana Immigration Service GIS General Duties – Check Below:

Functions and services to the public

The Ghana Immigration Service is the government agency responsible for the enforcement of all statutory and regulatory enactment relating to immigration. Apart from regulating and monitoring the movements and activities of foreigners in the country, the Service also serves as a frontline agency, which ensures that the vision of Ghana becoming the gateway to Africa is achieved.
This is done by :
• Examination of travelers entering or leaving Ghana.
• Examination of application forms of foreign nationals applying for extension or variation of existing permits.
• Examination of applications for visas, entry permits and permits to prohibited areas, and authorization of such visas and permits in appropriate cases.
• Issuance of permits to foreign nationals in Ghana, their employment and movements; ensuring that foreign nationals comply with the Immigration Laws and Regulations.
• Facilitation of the economic development of Ghana by ensuring that unnecessary restrictions are not placed in the way of foreign nationals wishing to enter or remain as investors
• Provision of advice about the Immigration laws and regulations, to people wishing to enter, remain in or leave Ghana
• Investigation of breaches of the Immigration laws and regulation.
• Registration at Regional and District Immigration offices of all foreign visitors for statistical purposes. • Conduct court prosecution of foreign nationals in Ghana without permits.
• Vetting of passport applications in the regions and the districts.
• Liaising with other agencies with responsibilities for security, the combating of crime and other issues relating to the public good.
• Provision of information to other agencies with a legitimate interest in people entering, remaining in or leaving Ghana.
• Ensuring compliance with the provisions of the GIPC, Social Security and Income Tax Laws.
• Issuance of Permanent Residence Status and Indefinite Stay Status to deserving applicants.
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