Takoradi Technical University TTU Library


Takoradi Technical University TTU Library


The Library is the nerve centre within which academic activities of the university revolve.  It is charged with the responsibility of judicious collection of books (both print and electronic) and non-book materials; it is also charged to organise them and to ensure their security.  The library additionally provides a serene environment for learning to the university community as well as to outsiders who are registered with the library.


To provide the best resources, services and facilities for library users by creating a conducive environment for inquiry and activity that will aid excellence in teaching and applied research to produce world class human resources.



The mission of the library is to provide comprehensive services and information for instructional delivery and research in engineering, applied science and arts, business and technology-based disciplines.


Among the key functions of the Library are to:

1. establish and maintain a range and quality of services and resources that shall complement

and strengthen the academic programmes of the University;

2. encourage optimal use of academic resources;

3. provide information literacy training to both staff and students;

4. provide resources in a variety of formats to meet users’ needs;

5. provide professional reference services;

6. provide technical services to maintain library resources; and

7. provide a conducive and quiet study space for users.



The Library is currently made up of the Main Central Library and three other Faculty libraries (FOB, FOE and FAAT). The library works in consultation with the faculties in the selection of its literary resources (print and electronic) to ensure needs of users are met. Among the specific services we provide are: Inter-library loan (ILL) with some technical universities, Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI), Current Awareness Services, photocopying, scanning and electronic searches for users on request.


There is a ninety-seater capacity electronic Library that serves the University community. With the introduction of the electronic library, students and staff can now access a wide range of electronic resources for various academic purposes. The arrangement within the Library ensures privacy and independent studies. Currently, the Library is working assiduously with Final Vision Technology Canada Limited to be roped unto the Africa Intellectual Development Database for Excellence (AIDDE) platform so that the Library’s clients can benefit from platform’s numerous electronic resources.


The Library provides staff the opportunity to upgrade themselves through courses, workshops and seminars as per the University’s policy on training. This is to maximize staff capabilities in the discharge of their duties as information professionals and para-professionals.

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