Multimedia University Of Kenya CBD Campus

By | May 22, 2022

Multimedia University Of Kenya CBD Campus

Multimedia University Of Kenya CBD Campus – Read the location and list of courses offered at MMU CBD Campus…

MMU CBD Campus

The MMU CBD Campus is located at the Uniafric House – Loita Street 4th Floor. The campus is easily accessible, visible and offers an ideal learning environment.

As a renowned University in Innovative Technology, MMU CBD Campus seeks to achieve the highest levels of distinction in the discovery and transmission of knowledge and understanding. At the same time, MMU is distinctive among research universities in its commitment to undergraduate teaching.

The CBD Campus offers various academic programmes that seek to the aspirations of Kenya’s Vision 2030 in so far as providing high quality education and training that will spur the Country to greater economic growth is concerned. Our most sought-after academic programmes include Certificates and professional certifications, Diploma and Bachelors in Business Administration; Journalism; Computer; CPA, CIPS, A+, CISCO, among others.

The Campus prides itself in having other attendant facilities that ensure the learning environment is not only conducive, but a pleasurable experience. These amenities include: computer laboratory, wireless internet connectivity and a library.


The campus offers the following programmes on both full time and part time basis.

Faculty of media
a. Bachelors of Journalism
b. Bachelors of Applied Communication
c. Diploma in Strategic Public Relations
d. Diploma in Journalism
e. Certificate in Mass Communication

Faculty of Business
a. Bachelors of Procurement and Logistics
b. Bachelors of Commerce
c.Bachelors of Business Information Technology
d. Diploma in Business Administration
e. Diploma in Procurement and Logistics
f. Diploma Human Resource Management
g.CPA Section 1-6
h. CIPS All levels

Faculty of Computer and Information Technology
a. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
b. Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology
c.Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
d. Diploma in ICT

Faculty of Science and Technology
a) Bridging Maths
b)Bridging Physics

Short and Professional courses in ICT
4. A+
5. Web design

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