Multimedia University Of Kenya Hostel Booking 2022/2023

By | May 22, 2022

Multimedia University Of Kenya Online Hostel Booking 2022/2023

Multimedia University Of Kenya Hostel Booking – See details below on how to book a room at MMU…

Hostel Housekeeping is an important area at Multimedia University College because it is a supportive section of the University College.


The major role of the hostel house keeping is to provide clean, safe and comfortable accommodation for the students during their stay.

Hostel Facilities

There are 5 hostels, namely:-

  • Wangari Mathai Hall
  • Koffi Annan Hall
  • Kipchoge Keino Hall
  • Tegla Lorupe Hall
  • Desmond Tutu Hall

The university college also has prefab halls of residence.

Wangari Mathai and Tegla Lorupe halls are reserved for female students while Kipchoge Keino and Desmond Tutu halls are reserved for male students. Koffi Annan is reserved for corporate students and seminar participants.


The halls of residence has a total occupancy of 1026 beds i.e. there are a total of 513 rooms which are shared amongst 2 students.

Occupancy per Hall

  • Wangari Mathai Hall 166 beds
  • Koffi Annan Hall 236 beds
  • Kipchoge Keino Hall 236 beds
  • Tegla Lorupe Hall 194 beds
  • Desmond Tutu Hall 194 beds

There are common rooms/TV rooms and washing areas in each hall.

There is ample parking space and security. Security guards watch over the hostels 24 hours to ensure that our students are safe.


The hostels housekeeping have well trained and experienced staff. They are trained on customer care, first aid and housekeeping techniques. The housekeeper is in charge of hostels and he/she works with the help of assistant housekeeper, room attendants, cleaners, cloakroom attendants and public area attendants. They work as a team to ensure efficiency.


Our hostels are fairly priced. The cost of residing depends on the course one is pursuing because courses have different duration. All in all, our rates are quite minimal and we strive to ensure that our students have an enjoyable, peaceful and serene environment conducive for learning.

Code of Conduct

Students are required to abide by the University College Code of Conduct which is usually signed upon admission.

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