Meru University Bank Accounts Numbers

By | May 22, 2022

Meru University of Science and Technology Bank Accounts Numbers

Meru University Bank Accounts Numbers – Check details below:

I wish to remind all the students that fees should be paid in any of the following University bank accounts:

a. Cooperative Bank -Makutano branch. A/C Number: 01129378440000. Payments through business number: 400222 is allowed. Enter the university code (2524) followed by # followed by the student registration number e.g. 2524#BS 101/001 /20.
b. Equity Bank -Makutano branch. A/C. Number: 1040297858661
c. Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB)-Meru Branch. A/C. Number: 1117775917
d. National Bank of Kenya (NBK)-01242039008700


1. No other person and or organization is authorized to collect fees on behalf of the University.
2. All fees must be paid through the bank.
3. At the time of payment, students are encouraged to ensure that their name and registration number is properly captured by the bank.

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