About Sunyani Technical University STU


About Sunyani Technical University STU

About Sunyani Technical University STU – Check Below:


Sunyani Technical University is a public institution of higher learning that is committed to the provision of career-focused education in engineering, science and technology, technical and vocational, applied arts and related disciplines with hands-on experience and entrepreneurial development to meet the higher and middle level manpower needs of the country.


To become a top-notch Technical University for the provision of career-focused, practically-oriented and entrepreneurially-inclined higher and middle level manpower training for the socioeconomic development of the BrongAhafo region and Ghana; and to contribute to the global sustainable development.

Core Values

The core values which the members of the Sunyani Technical University would want to advance to inculcate in all who pass through the institution are:

  1. Pursue and generate knowledge for personal & community use [excellence]
  2. Generate innovations that make the world a better place [competence]
  3. Ignite in our students a lifelong love for learning [competitiveness]
  4. Celebrate and learn from diversity and communalism [responsiveness]
  5. Open the world of work ethics to our students [professionalism]

Foreword by Prof. K. Adinkrah-Appiah (Vice-Chancellor)

Sunyani Technical University (STU) has redefined mandate to provide higher education in engineering, science, and technology based disciplines, and technical and vocational education and training, applied arts and related disciplines. This is clearly stated in the Technical Universities Act, 2016 (Act 992) passed by the Parliament of the Republic of Ghana and assented to by the President of Ghana on 31st August, 2016.


This has presented the institution with a unique opportunity to reposition itself and elevate technical and vocational education and training and play a key role in the provision of highly trained critical human resource for industry to spur on national development. It has also created a clear progression and career path and development for graduates of technical and vocational institutions in the country. Hitherto, such graduates were absorbed midway into mainstream research focused traditional university education, and thus truncating the practical education and training they had received.

Consequent to this new development, STU has submitted several uniquely crafted 4-year Bachelor of Technology programmes to the appropriate national bodies for approval and accreditation. These programmes will be offered in addition to the 2-year Bachelor of Technology top-ups for HND graduates and other qualified persons. Beyond these, STU will continue to run technician and other non-tertiary certificated craft programmes already in existence and also develop market driven short courses in partnership with industry to meet specific needs. Preparations are also underway to seek accreditation for the running of Master of Technology and Doctor of Technology programmes in the foreseeable future.

The University has also taken significant steps to support staff capacity building to enhance teaching, research and administration. Staff orientation has started in earnest. Both faculty and staff have been taken through training workshops primarily to prepare and re-orient all staff and faculty to effectively utilize the capacities collectively to respond to the new mandate and status. Continuous support will be given to staff and faculty to upgrade them, where appropriate, and also industrial collaborations will be sought to expose staff and faculty to new technological trends and applications in industry to enhance their competences.

Teaching and learning infrastructure at the University is also being improved. The completion and commissioning of the K. T. Djang-Fordjour Block by His Excellency John DramaniMahana, the President of the Republic of Ghana in April 2016, has greatly helped to reduce the burden of inadequate lecture rooms and office space for students, faculty and staff. STU has also procured 5000 state-of-the-art tables and chairs for use in the lecture rooms to help improve students’ conformability. Work has also started on the completion of the second floor of the Development Office Block to provide additional office spaces to ease congestion at the Department. Work on the Science Park project is gradually but steadily progressing. It is our hope that the completion of the ground floor will immensely impact positively on the classrooms, laboratories, workshops and office space needs of the institution.

Information and Communication Technology infrastructure is also being improved. Fiber optic cables have been laid under the sponsorship of the World Bank. This has enabled the expansion of internet connectivity to areas where hitherto were not covered and also improved internet connectivity on the University’s campus in general. The Rotary Foundation, of Rotary International, through the Rotary Club of Sunyani Central and its United States partner clubs and districts, led by the Rock Mount Rotary Club, WV, have also partnered with the University to provide a 25unit computer laboratory for use by students in the Faculty of Engineering for stimulation and practical lessons in computer applications in the field of engineering. The University’s main computer laboratory has been given a facelift and the
internet bandwidth has been increased quite recently.

To improve access to research and publication resources, and also to support staff, faculty and students in their research activities, the University has successfully joined the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Ghana (CALIGH) and thus, has access to over 1000 electronic journals.

The University has also acquired its own online publication journal, The STU International Journal of Technology (STUIJT). It can be accessed at www.stujournal.com. This is another significant platform to promote research, publication and dissemination of research findings for the benefit of academia and industry.

The challenges facing the University are far from over despite all the improvements aforementioned. The urgency to address the challenges has become even more critical owning to the new mandate of the institution. The key challenges include, but not limited to, the following;

  1. Upgrading the equipment and machines at the workshops and laboratories,
  2. Building the capacity of staff and faculty to deliver on the new mandate,
  3. Providing additional infrastructure for residential, academic and administrative purposes.
  4. Recruitment of additional qualified staff and faculty members

We therefore make a passionate appeal to the government to reconsider resources allocation to tertiary institutions with particular focus on the technical universities due to the peculiar urgency of resource needs. The private sector is also invited to partner with STU to develop and implement mutually beneficial collaborations.

On behalf of the Governing Council and the Management of the University, I express our heart-felt appreciation to the staff, faculty, students, the alumni, the entire university community and our partners here and beyond for their enormous contributions to the growth and success stories of Sunyani Technical University. The University will continue to count on you as it strives forward to reach greater heights of achievements.

To the graduands, I say congratulations on your individual and collective achievements. You have done yourselves, your families and the University proud. We all applaud and salute you and encourage you to uphold the values of integrity, hard work and tolerance in your future endeavours. Remember the University and be part of the alumni association so that we can strive together for excellence in academics, research and community development. I thank you all for coming and I pray for God’s blessings on our efforts. Thank you.

Prof. K. Adinkrah-Appiah, PhD.

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