TSC Performance Appraisal Form Pdf Download

By | September 21, 2022

TSC Performance Appraisal Form Pdf Download

TSC Performance Appraisal Form Pdf Download – Teachers Service Commission:


The purpose of the Staff Performance Appraisal is to assess an officer’s performance in the job comprehensively and
objectively, with the help of full knowledge and understanding of the job descriptions and requirements. The
information in the Appraisal Report will be used in assessing training needs and determining the officer’s potential for promotion. It is therefore, important to provide accurate information about the officer.

The staff appraisal should reflect work output, achievement as well as display competencies over the review period.

The report covers all the TSC Secretariat staff, except the Commissioners and the Commission Secretary.


Appraisee               This is the officer being assessed.
Appraiser               This is the appraisee’s immediate supervisor.
Countersigning    Officer This is the head of Unit/Section/Division/Department.


The appraisee is supplied with a copy of the appraisal form and divisional/sectional performance targets at the
beginning of the review period. The appraisee is expected to draw an individual work plan which will form the basis of this performance report.

The form shall be completed in duplicate. The appraisal will be done quarterly and at the end of the fourth quarter, the original report will be forwarded to DSHRM by 31st July of every year.
The duplicate will be retained by the appraisee.


This part should be fully completed by the appraisee to provide personal details and employment record.


In this part, opportunity is provided to the appraisee and appraiser to jointly discuss the appraisee’s performance in
terms of departmental/divisional objectives, agreed work targets, performance standards, output and expected
results. It also assesses the skills and competencies exhibited.

This part is divided into 5 sections:

Parts 2A -2D will provide evaluation on appraisees performance for each of the four quarters. This will account for
80% of the overall rating.

Part 2E: In this part the appraisee is rated on behavioral attributes which reflect the Commission’s Core values. This will account for 20% of the overall rating.


The Quarterly scores in Parts 2A to 2D and scores on the behavioral attributes in Part 2E will be summarized in this
section. The cumulative scores will then be converted into an overall percentage score. It should be noted that in this
part, the appraiser’s rating shall constitute the actual grade of the appraisee.


In this part, the appraisee is given the opportunity to state specific performance gaps that if addressed will improve
the appraisee’s output and competencies. The appraiser will discuss the appraisee’s performance gaps and then
propose what he/she thinks, as a supervisor, are the training interventions required.


The countersigning officer is the overall supervisor of both the appraisee and appraiser. He/she is required to validate the report.

Before completing this appraisal report, please read the following guidelines carefully.

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The Teachers Service Commission TSC Salaries

Returned Salaries

Salaries are returned to the Commission due to:

  1. Closure of your current bank account before the new one is operational.
  2. Recalling of salary by the Commission.

Any returned salary should be claimed in writing through the head of institution.

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Over Payment

An employee is required to notify the Commission of any erroneous payment. Where the over payment is as result of death, the next of kin should notify the bank immediately. To prevent over payment, Heads of institutions should report cases of death and absenteeism within 48 hours.

Recovery of over payment

Over payment constitutes government liability whose recovery takes priority over all other deductions on payroll. Over payment will be recovered as follows:

  1. In reinstatement cases, outstanding over payment will be recovered in full
  2. In cases of retirement or death, any government liability is recovered in full from pension benefits or gratuity.

Compulsory Retirement

This applies to teachers who have attained 60 years. A notice will be issued two years before the date of retirement. The Commission may issue a shorter retirement notice under special circumstances.

Upon receipt of the retirement notice a teacher shall;

  1. Promptly forward all the required documents listed in the notice.
  2. Indicate full particulars of his/her bank account in the bank forms.
  3. Commute a fraction of his/her pension up to a quarter.
  4. Confirm Tax status with KRA and settle any tax liabilities.

NSSF Benefits

Age benefits

Members are eligible for this benefit when they attain 55 years and have retired from regular employment.

Withdrawal benefits

This is a benefit payable to members who have attained the age of 50 years and have retired from formal employment.

Survivors’ benefits

This is payable to members who have been rendered invalid due to physical or mental illness and cannot earn a reasonable livelihood.

Invalidity benefits

Paid to a member who is certified as being incapable of working due to physical or mental disability permanently.

Emigration grants benefits

This benefit is payable to members, without any reference to age, who are emigrating from Kenya to any other country without the intention of returning to Kenya.

Funeral Grant

This is a cash token to support the bereaved family of a deceased member. It is paid to a nominated family representative of the deceased member as long as the latter had made at least 3 months contributions to the NSSF. The grant is payable within three months after the death of the member.

Teachers who served under temporary terms of service should visit NSSF offices in their sub-counties and obtain a schedule showing the amount and period of contribution. Where the amount is not reflected, the statement should be forwarded to the Commission for updating. The benefits are payable in accordance to NSSF Act Cap 258.

Transfer of Service

A teacher who is offered employment by the Public Service Commission will have his/her past service with the Commission transferred to the new Ministry. Such a teacher shall be required to apply for Transfer of service attaching the appointment letter, acceptance of offer letter and TSC clearance certificate.

The Commission will then:

  1. Process Transfer of Service documents.
  2. Submit documents to the relevant ministry/department.

 Release to Other Organizations

A teacher who has been appointed to a Public Institution, Teachers Union, non-profit making educational institution or Parastatal should submit an application to the Commission in writing through the head of institution or agent and:

  1. Attach a copy of the appointment letter
  2. Present letter of acceptance of the offer
  3. Present a TSC clearance certificate from the head of institution or TSC County Director in order to be released.

The benefits from the teaching service are suspended until one retires with benefits from the institution he/she was released to.

Death Gratuity

The dependants of a teacher who dies in service are entitled to Death Gratuity and Dependants Pension if the teacher was serving on Permanent and Pensionable terms and was confirmed in the service.

For Death Gratuity to be paid the following shall apply:

  1. Deceased teacher’s name is removed from payroll and overpayment recovered if any.
  2. The next-of-kin should submit original death certificate and a letter by area chief identifying the next-of-kin and dependants.
  3. The next of kin will settle over payment if any.
  4. The claim is forwarded to the Director of Pensions for payment.

NB: In case of a dispute, the parties involved are referred to the Deputy County Commissioner for arbitration. The dependants may also seek legal redress from a court of law. Pension is paid to the deceased dependants who are aged below 18 years for a period of 5 years.

Killed while on duty

This is pension paid to dependants when a teacher is killed while on duty. The benefit is payable to the spouse and/or dependants of a teacher who dies as a result of injuries in the actual discharge of duty and without his/her own intention.

NB: The retirees/next of kin are informed when the claims are forwarded to the treasury for payment.

Termination of Service

  1. An appointment of a teacher either serving on temporary or probationary terms may be terminated by either the Commission or the teacher, with either party giving one month’s notice in writing or paying one month’s basic salary in lieu of notice.
  2. An appointment on P&P terms may be terminated by either the Commission or the teacher, with either party giving three (3) month’s notice in writing or paying one (1) month’s basic salary in lieu of notice.
  3. In case of temporary appointment, NSSF benefits are administered as per NSSF Act Cap 258.
  4. A male teacher who was a contributor to WCPS qualifies for a refund of the amounts contributed.

Resignation on Marriage Grounds

A married female teacher who has served for a minimum of period of five (5) years on P&P terms can resign on account of marriage.

One is entitled to a marriage gratuity paid at a rate of 1/12 of a month’s pensionable emoluments for each completed month of pensionable service subject to a maximum of one year pensionable emoluments.


A teacher on permanent and pensionable terms can resign from service after giving three months’ notice in writing or pay one month’s basic salary in lieu of notice. Resignation will not attract any pension benefits. However, a male teacher who resigns or is dismissed from service is entitled to WCPS refund. Such a teacher should write claiming the refund.

Retirement in Public Interest

A teacher may be retired in the light of his/her usefulness to the teaching service or any public assignment and all other circumstances of the case, such retirement is desirable in the public interest.

NB: Teachers who retire qualify for lump sum and monthly Pension.

Retirement on Medical Grounds

A teacher may apply to retire or be called upon to retire on medical grounds and he/she should attach supportive medical documents.


  1. The Commission will write to the Director of Medical Services (DMS) to convene a medical board.
  2. The Medical Board will assess the teacher and give a recommendation to the DMS who in turn advises the Commission.
  3. The Commission will retire the teacher on medical grounds.

Voluntary Retirement

A teacher may apply to retire on attainment of 50 years and on completion of 10 years continuous service on Permanent and Pensionable terms. Such a teacher shall apply in writing through the head of institution giving three months’ notice, stating the intended date of retirement.

Upon receipt of the application the Commission shall: Consider the application and issue a retirement notice. Process retirement claim upon receipt of required documents from the teacher. The claim will then be forwarded to the Director of Pension,Treasury, for payment.


For more inquiries, please contact the TSC at:


Teachers Service Commission – Kenya

Kilimanjaro Avenue, Upper Hill

020 289 2000

0722 208 552

0777 208 552


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