Teachers Service Commission TSC Careers 2023-2024

By | July 29, 2023

Teachers Service Commission TSC Careers 2023-2024

Teachers Service Commission TSC Careers – Details:

The Career Progression Guidelines

The Career Progression Guidelines provide for the policies and procedures that standardize teachers’ professional development. For effective management of teachers’ professional growth and development, it was necessary for the Commission to develop these Guidelines. In developing the Guidelines, the Commission has also been guided by the provisions of the Code of Regulations for Teachers (2015) and the Kenya National Qualifications Framework.

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The Guidelines outline basic job descriptions, personal qualities and core competencies required for each job and also set out the minimum entry requirements into the teaching profession.

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Under the Guidelines, the career path for school administrators has been clearly outlined. This separates the career paths of school administrators and that of classroom teachers. This is designed to provide clear reporting structures in institutions and eliminate overlap in the grading structure.


The deliverables expected of each cadre of teachers has also been clearly set out. This is expected to facilitate setting of performance targets and accurate measurement of performance.


Ultimately, the implementation of the Career Progression Guidelines is expected to improve the management of teachers in the employment of the Commission.


Progression Guidelines

These Career Progression Guidelines have been developed to guide the career growth of teachers in the employment of the Commission. They are to guide the recruitment, retention, development, training and promotion of teachers to ensure they meet the set standards.


Potential employees and teachers in service will know well in advance what they require to join the service and progress in their careers. The guidelines further outline the skills and competences necessary for advancement in the profession.


The Guidelines replace the Schemes of Service for the Teaching Service (2005). It was necessary to review the provisions of the Schemes of Service to incorporate the results of the Job Evaluation undertaken in 2016 and capture various changes brought by the policies that the Commission has put in place.


Implementation of the Guidelines is expected to improve staff motivation and retention. It will also enable the design of targeted training programmes that address competency gaps identified from the performance of teachers.


It is my sincere hope and expectation that teachers will read the Guidelines to clearly understand their career paths and take personal initiative to effectively manage them.



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