Koforidua Technical University Hostel Fees 2021


Koforidua Technical University Hostel Fees 2021

Koforidua Technical University Hostel Fees 2021| See details below…

The institution has strategically constructed hostel, both public and private, where its students can stay during their time in school. Below is a comprehensive .

University hostel (Getfund)

This accommodation facility is located right within the campus. It houses both the male and female students. Four students sharing a room pay GHc 851 each, while two students sharing one room each pays GHc 760. The hostel’s facilities include 24/7 water supply, study rooms, a supermarket, a restaurant, a barber shop, a salon, DStv, cyber café, Wi-Fi, and a snooker game.

When paying for the accommodation fee at K-poly hostel, you are required to include the utility charges for two semesters. The procedure involved in acquiring a room at the hostel is;

Call beforehand to confirm availability of a room. Pay the required fees through the ADB account number 2011010016865501. The account name is Koforidua Polytechnic Getfund hostel: Koforidua branch. Afterward, submit the slip to Koforidua Technical University’s cash office to get an official receipt. For room allocation, submit your receipt to estate office/administrator.
Private accredited K-poly hostel fees 1. Nhyira hostel
Nhyira hostel is five minutes away from the campus. It accommodates only males. It is located near Adweso SSNIT. The accommodation pay is as indicated below:


When four people share a room, each is expected to pay GHc 450. Two people sharing a room, depending on the size one wants, costs GHc 550 or GHc 650 per person. One person in a room pays GHc 750. The single rooms are available on request.
The other bills that include detergents, maintenance fees and zoom bins. This together with the water bill adds up to GHc 180. This fee is included in the rent.

Like the public hostels within the campus they also have the a variety of facilities to be enjoyed. They include:

24 hrs water supply (GWCL), and a free well. There is also enough kitchen space where the students can cook freely. The environment is peaceful and quiet. Hostel located close to a cyber café. Multi-channel TV is available in each room. Those staying four in a room have a security cabinet with metal locker door on request. The rent is inclusive of water bills, accommodation, and other necessities for one academic year (two semesters).
NB: For you to acquire a room, there are forms to fill. You must carry two passport size photos and fill the form in order to get a room.

koforidua technical university hostel
koforidua technical university hostel
koforidua technical university hostel fees

2. Bae Dream hostel

The hostel is located at Kwakyea, which is adjacent to supreme hostels. It is 10 minutes awayfrom the campus and houses both males and females. To book or enquire for a room, the following contacts can be used; 0249741488 or 0542288468. The hostel comes equipped with:

Stationery pipe water and borehole. 24 hours security. DStv access, meter, provision shop, gym center snooker boards, internet access, salon, barbering shop and a car park. Rooms have a washroom, a kitchenette, a wardrobe, a bed and a mattress and a ceiling fan.
The rent is as follows:

One in a room with an AC pays GHc 2200 per semester. One in a room without an AC pays GHc 1,600 per semester. Two in room with an AC each pays GHc 1,100 per semester. Two in a room without an AC each pays GHc 800 per semester.

3. Supreme hostel

The hostel accommodates both male and female students. It is a 10-minute walk to campus.The hostel has been built at Mile 50, behind the K’dua Technical University staff bungalows. Two people in a room for males only goes at GHc 700 per person, while 2 females in a room pay GHc 750 each. The rent is exclusive of the miscellaneous costs and the utility bills. For room booking or inquiry, reach out to Sammy through the contact 0262269011 or 0247157266.

Koforidua Technical University hostel
koforidua technical university hostel fees
k-poly hostel
The hostel has the luxury of:

Fast internet for use while in the rooms. Provision of free sanitary services. Serene environment. Spacious TV room and large study room. 24hrs GWC water supply as well as a back-up water supply. Big compound with a perimeter wall.

4. Adehyie hostel

Adehyie is a three-minute walk to Koforidua University and houses both genders. It is behind GetFund hostel. Two people staying in a room are expected to pay GHc 600 or GHc 750 each. Three occupants in a room are expected to pay GHc 550 or GHc 650 each. A room of four people goes at GHc 550 per person, and that of six people goes for GHc 500 per person. The rent caters for a whole academic year which is two semesters. It excludes other expenses and utility costs. To book a room or inquire for availability, contact Mr. Baloka at 0244-788377 or 0243426423 or 0202140744.

Students staying at these hostels enjoy the following services:

Free sanitary services with hostel workers who clean the rooms on a daily basis. GWSC water supply with a well as a back-up. High speed wireless internet for browsing when in the hostels. DSTV, gym facility, indoor games, and table tennis available in the hostel. Beds and ceiling fans in each room. Perimeter fence with a barbed wire. Spacious kitchen for cooking.

5. Eastern royal gate hostel

Eastern royal gate hostel is behind the GetFund hostel, and is only a five-minute walk to campus. It houses both male and female students. All the rooms are executive and come at the following charges:

Four in a room pay GHc 1050. 3 in a room pay GHc 1350. To stay two in a room, you need to make a request in advance.
The rent caters for two semesters, which is a whole academic year. It is also inclusive of the water bill, bed and mattresses. To book or inquire availability, contact the manager at 0244487613 or 0200154705 or 0249505077.

Students in this hostel enjoy the following:

Self-managed electricity prepared for each room. Provision of mattresses and a bed. There are no bunk beds. Spacious room with a wash room and kitchen area. Study and TV room with DSTV access. GWCL and borehole water supply system. Hostel system for residents celebration. Entire compound fenced with galvanized razor wire and has a security gate.
k-poly hostel
k poly hostel fees
koforidua university

6. Universal hostel

It is six minute walk to campus, and located opposite Aba Ase restaurant. It only accoumodates male occupants. There rates are as below:

3 in a room at GHc 500. 2 in a room at GHc 600. 1 in a small room at GHc 600. 1 in a bigger room at GHc 1,200.
The rent excludes the utility charges and caters for two semesters. To book or inquire a room, contact Mr. Doe at 0549502075, Mrs. Doe at 0242344935, the office line at 0541239889 or Olivia at 0548765265.

They enjoy the following services:

Gym facilities. Close to a convenient shop, restaurant, and a pharmacy. Close to the main road and behind Central hostel. Availability of a standby generator and DSTV.

7. Alexander hostel

The hostel accommodates both genders. It is 5 minutes away from the school. The rent, which is payable per academic year, is as follows.

A one person room is available on request. Two people in room pay GHc 1,200 each. A room with shared by two people and with air condition is available on request. For three in room,the cost is GHc 800.
Other utility bills to be paid other than the rent include:

Water bill at GHc 170. Zoomlion and sanitation at GHc 50. Electricity is paid as per usage.
Fo accomodation bookiking or inquiry, contact Godfrey at 054359067 or 0244087429 or Godfred at 0546662420.

The hostel occupants enjoy the following:

Tiled rooms. Each room has a toilet and a bathroom with tiles on the wall. Spacious kitchen with a sink. GWCL Water supply, underground reservoir and a poly tank for maximum water supply. A super market and a shop close-by. Each room has a multi TV. It is close to the main road. A stand-by generator. A block perimeter wall with security wires and security guard.
Koforidua Technical University hostel fees 2021/2022
koforidua technical university hostel
koforidua technical university hostel fees

8. Peace hostel

The mixed hostel is located at Abotanso near the school of engineering. It is three minutes away from the university. The costs for the rooms are as follows:

The Gents’ Wing accommodates 2 people per room at GH¢ 700 each. The Ladies’ Wing accommodates 4 people per room at GH¢ 600 each.
The rent caters for an academic year of two semesters and is inclusive of the water bill only. To book a room, contact Gifty at 0553123133 or 0260818134, Priscilla at 0241979119 or Rev. Dan at 0204717607. The marvelous amenities enjoyed by the occupants are:

A large compound with cemented floor. A perimeter wall for security 24hr GWC water supply and a backup well. A spacious TV room with DStv access and an equipped study room. Quiet environment.
Accomodation at Koforidua Technical University has never been better with the hostels located near the school. Learning is hence simplified!

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