Jasikan College of Education Freshers’ Guide


Jasikan College of Education Freshers’ Guide

Orientation of Students

Orientation of fresh students takes place at the beginning of each academic year and all fresh students are required to be present. The purpose of the orientation exercise can be summarized as follows:

  • To welcome fresh students and help them adjust and settle down into College life.
  • To inform students of their rights, privileges, obligations and responsibilities with regard to College authorities and their governing bodies.
  • To expose them to facilities available on campus and to enable them make good use of such facilities.
  • To orientate the minds of students to the teaching profession and help them to align their individual growth with the broad goals of education and national development.



A Matriculation ceremony is held in the first semester for the purpose of formally admitting all new students to the College. Attendance at the ceremony is compulsory and no new student is allowed to remain in the College or take any examination unless he/she has been duly matriculated. Each student will be required to sign the matriculation oath and register after the matriculation ceremony.


Sources of Help


When in difficulty, students should see the following officers:

  • Academic Problems: Academic Counselor, Head of Department or Vice Principal
  • Residential Problems: Students’ Affairs Officer or Hall Warden
  • Other Problems: Students’Affairs Office

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