2020/2021 Valley View University VVU Fees Structure- School Fees


2020/2021 Valley View University VVU Fees Structure- School Fees

2020/2021 VVU Tuition Fees

Valley View University
Semester Fee Schedule
Valid Until June 30, 2020
(Effective July 1, 2017)

Fee Payment Policy
1. Currency: Ghana Cedis

2. Payment Options:
a. Option 1: Full payment of fees before Registration
b. Option 2: Payment by installment
i. 50% before Registration
ii. ii. 80% before Mid Semester Examinations
iii. 100% before Final Examinations
c. Option 3: Parents/Guardians/Students may apply for a Special Fee Payment
Contract at the Office of Student Financial Services

3. Students may stay Off-Campus only upon permission by the Dean of Student Life and

4. Rebates/Discounts given by the Office of Student Financial Services:
a. 5% waiver for full payment of fees before reopening
b. Parents/Guardians with more than one ward receive 5% waiver for each
additional ward
c. Nursing students can register 21 credits without additional charges
d. Students who register less than 12 credits may be given special discounts


5. Other Mandatory Charges for only FRESH Students:
a. Admission and Orientation fee is GHC200.00
b. Medical Examination fee is GHC200.00

6. Other Mandatory Charges for All Students:
a. SRC dues is GHC40.00
b. Offsite Learning fee of GHC50.00 shall be paid by students on other campuses
and centers (i.e., Techiman, Kumasi, Tamale, and Takoradi)

7. Other Optional Charges:
a. Students who register more than 18 credits will pay GHC100.00 per each extra
credit hour
b. Late Registration attracts a penalty of GHC200.00
c. Students who stay two in a room will pay GHC200.00 extra each

8. 10. Saturday Meals are free for ALL Undergraduate Students (Residential and NonResidential)

9. Special Scholarship given by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Ghana:
a. 10% of total fees for certified Seventh-day Adventist students
b. 25% of total fees for certified Seventh-day Adventist theology students
c. Each Ghanaian Seventh-day Adventist student is required to undertake 2 hours
of Work-Study per week

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