University Of Eldoret Grading System

By | June 15, 2022

University Of Eldoret Grading System

University Of Eldoret Grading System – Read details below:

The University of Eldoret Grading at the Main Campus and Eldoret Town Campus.

The UoE has their own Grading System for representing individual subjects score in Grades instead of marks and percentages. The University of Eldoret also defined the minimum passing marks for students.

  • According to the rule book “the grading shall be determined by grades from both CATs, and Regular Certificate/Diploma Examinations, unless otherwise approved by Senate”.
  • Each course shall be marked out of a maximum of 100 marks, and the final mark shall be rounded off to the nearest whole number.
  • The pass mark for all courses shall be 40% unless otherwise approved by Senate. A candidate must pass in all the prescribed courses before they are awarded diplomas.

Classification of Diplomas

  • All marks obtained in the prescribed courses in each semester/term of study shall be considered for the purpose of classification.
University of Eldoret Grading System Calculation
University of Eldoret Grading Formula and Grade Meaning
  • In classifying a diploma, the final percentage mark for the entire study period shall be calculated by summing the percentage mark for each course, multiplied by the number of units in that course, divided by the total number of units.
  • A candidate who repeats any semester/term of study on academic grounds shall only qualify for a pass.

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