University of Cape Town UCT Smuts Hall Residence

University of Cape Town UCT Smuts Hall Residence

University of Cape Town UCT Smuts Hall Residence | Details Of University of Cape Town UCT Smuts Hall Residence

UCT Smuts Hall Residence


Gender: Male

Number of Residents: 230

Available to: All Students

Sharing situation: Single Rooms

Catering: Dining Hall

Contact Details:

Warden: 021 650 3249

Residence Facilities Officer: 021 650 3941


Address: Upper Campus


Smuts Hall was one of the first buildings ever built on campus in 1928. It is a national monument along with its sister Residence: Fuller. It’s located on Upper Campus, meaning it is close to all the Upper Campus classrooms, libraries and lecture theatres and also the Sports Center.

Student review:

James McCulloch, Bachelor or Arts, Smuts resident 2013

Smuts Hall is the most well known residence at UCT. It’s age, aesthetic and history have established it as one on UCT’s most superb residences. As a first year student privileged to have been part of the traditions and histories, I will answer some questions regarding the residence and living standards within.

What are the facilities like? There are not many facilities I can think of that Smuts falls short on. It is equipped with it’s own dining hall (used for special occasions), a TV room, microwaves in each flat, a laundry room and a drying line for those not willing to shrink their clothes. Perhaps it needs computers, but I understand this will be present next year (2014).

What is the food like? Fedics is unfortunately awful. Meals are bearable, but for the money we pay bearable doesn’t cut it. I was chatting to a Canadian exchange student who says food at his home university is so good, people not in the university make reservations. The food is oily, unhealthy, often questionable, not nutritious and not fulling.

What is the best part about the Res? The people and the convenience of living on upper.

What is the worst part about the Res? Res life. Lethargy from lack of good food and exercise. Small living space. A big issue is you never leave upper campus so no distinction between academics and personal living is truly made.

What is the vibe like? The smuts vibe is quiet and studious. The upper campus vibe is very different to lower campus. Not many people about and not many parties.

Is it easy to make friends? That depends on you. If you are accepting and open to friendship the Smuts guys will welcome you.

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