University of Cape Town UCT Baxter Hall

University of Cape Town UCT Baxter Hall

University of Cape Town UCT Baxter Hall | Details Of University of Cape Town UCT Baxter Hall

UCT Baxter Hall

Gender: Female

Number of Residents: 233

Available to: All Students

Sharing situation: Single and Double Rooms

Catering: Dining Hall

Contact Details:

Warden: 021 650 3930

Residence Facilities Officer: 021 650 3931


Address: Lower Campus, Main Road, Rosebank


Baxter Hall was opened in 1957. Features include TV and Study Areas, and two beautiful quads with lawns and park benches. It’s situated on lower campus, meaning it has easy access to the rest of UCT via the Jammie Shuttles, the lower campus gym, lower campus computer labs, the neighboring Rondebosch shopping district, other Residences and the lower campus vibe in general.

Student review: 

Trilby Brown, Baxter resident, 2011-2012

How’s the vibe? Being on lower campus Baxter had the fun, inviting atmosphere that was transferred right into Baxter. The weeks were lovely and quiet and we knew when we could have a good time. Everyone was very friendly.

How are the facilities? Everything was in great condition. The only thing I can suggest is that the showers and bathroom have a revamp.

How was the food? What is there to say about res food – it most certainly had its up and downs. I found the menu very predictable towards the end so variety would be great

What is the best part about living in Baxter? Must be living with your friends and being able to right on campus’ door. It is so convenient and wouldn’t change it for the world.

Another good thing about Baxter is that we get to eat with the boys in Kopano residence every meal. This provided us with the opportunity to make even more friends and socialize with different people.

What is the worst part about living in Baxter? In a girls res the rules and having to sign in your girlfriends is a bit of a mission. We are adults and I understand that they are there to protect us but we can make our own decisions.

Is it easy to make friends? It is most definitely easy to make friends. At the beginning, everyone is in the same boat as you as they are willing to make friends and this continues when the new first years come join the residence. It is a very friendly environment and people are always willing to speak to new people.

I would personally rate Baxter 7/10.


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