Tamale Technical University (TaTu) Quality Assurance


Tamale Technical University (TaTu) Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Directorate is a coordinating unit of the University whose major responsibility is to ensure that all units (academic or non-academic) adhere to the basic tenets of quality standards of the University. These standards are clearly spelt out in the Quality Assurance Policy of the University. Also, the unit works with all stakeholders of the University to meet regulatory standards set out by the bodies such as the National Council for Tertiary Education, the National Accreditation Board, and the Council for Technical and Vocational Education.
Realizing the corporate mission of the University is of prime interest to the Quality Assurance Directorate. The Directorate therefore works closely with the Faculties, the Registry, Finance and Audit Directorates to mainstream quality in all endeavours of the units. Thus, all inputs (students admitted, staff recruited and others) employed are required measure up to the acceptable standards and these inputs are processed to generate the most desired outputs (students trained, research outcomes, projects deliverables) of enhanced quality. The responsibility of the unit becomes even more enormous as the University is transitioning to a Technical University and a lot needs to be done in terms of restructuring, new programme development, staff training and many others

The Quality Assurance Directorate is headed by Dr. ABDUL-RAZAK ABUBAKARI and ably supported by Mr. IMORO HARUNA and Madam ISSAKA ZARATU.
You can reach the Directorate through aabdul-razak@tatu.edu.gh or 0244772040

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