Tamale Technical University Academic Calendar 2020


Tamale Technical University Academic Calendar 2020/2021

Tamale Technical University Academic Calendar 2020… See details of Tamale Technical University TaTU calendar of events for the 2020/2021 academic year.

NB: Tamale Technical University Academic Calendar 2020/2021 has not been released yet. keep checking this very page for updates as soon as the institution official website uploads the calendar.

VACATION 4th July to 15th September, 2017
Submission of 2nd Semester Results 2016/2017 28th August – 3rd September, 2017
Ratification / Release Report 14th September, 2017
Fresh Students Report 5th September 2017
Continuing Students Report 15th September,2017
Registration for Fresh Students 5th September – 3rd October, 2017
Registration for continuing Students 18th September -3rd October, 2017
Lectures for Fresh / Continuing Students 18th September, 2017
Registration for 1st / 2nd Semester Resit  (2016 /2017) 25th September – 6th  October, 2017
Academic Board Meeting (Ratification) 14th September 2017
1st and 2nd Semester Resit Exams (2016/ 2017) 16th October – 3rd November, 2017
Late Reg. with Fine for Continuing Students 3rd – 10th  October , 2017
Orientation of Fresh Students 18th – 20th October , 2017
Submission of 1st Semester Questions for Moderation 20th -27th October, 2017
Matriculation of Fresh Students 11th November, 2017
Mid-Semester Examinations 11th – 18th December, 2017
Academic Board Meeting 14th December, 2017
End of Semester Exams 8th – 26th January, 2020
1st Semester Break 27th January – 2nd March, 2020
Submission of 1st semester Results (2017/ 2020) 27th January – 28th February , 2020
Ratification / Release of Results 1st March , 2020
Second Semester Begins (Students Report) 3rd March, 2020
2nd Semester Lectures Begins 7th March, 2020
Registration Begins All Students 7th -16th March, 2020
Academic Board Meeting 15th March, 2020
Late Registration with Fine 19th – 23rd March, 2020
2nd Congregation 24th March, 2020
Easter Break 30th March – 2nd April, 2020
Lectures Resume After Easter 3rd April 2020
Submission of 2nd Semester Questions for Moderation 9th -13th April, 2020
Mid-Semester Examinations 14th -18th May, 2020
Academic  Board Meeting 12th June, 2020
End of 2nd Semester Exams 4th – 23rd June, 2020
2nd Semester Break / Industrial Attachment 24th June 2020 -24th July, 2020
Central Admissions Board Meeting 10th July, 2020
Submission of 2nd Semester Results 2017 / 2020 1st – 7th August, 2020
Ratification / Release of Results 2017/ 2020 9th August, 2020
Next Academic Year Begins 18th August, 2020

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