Takoradi Technical University TTU Hall | Nzemah Mensah Hall

Takoradi Technical University TTU Hall | Nzemah Mensah Hall


Nzema Mensah Hall was constructed in the 1974. By then it was a technical school as Takoradi Technical school. It was upgraded to a tertiary institution in 1992 under the PNDC law 321 and became part of the Ghana tertiary Education system. The Hall was named after the first black principal of the Polytechnic now Takoradi Technical University by the name Mr. J.C Nzema Mensah form 1964 to 1971. The slogan “Premeir” was attained due to the position held by Mr. J.C Nzema Mensah. Previously the Hall was managed by a hall warden and an assistant. Currently, there is an administrator who undertake all the administrative schedules or duties and report back to the hall warden. The hall accommodates three hundred Ultimators. These include, the SRC Executives, National service personnel and the first year Ultimators.

WHY THE RESIDENT AND AFFLIAT FELLOWS ARE KNOWN AS THE ULTIMATORS Merriam – Webetar Dictionary defines Ultimate as the greatest or most extreme. It is used to refer to the original or basic source of something. • Its also defines as the last in a progression or source. The best and most extreme of its kinds. The origin of this word is from the medieval latin word ultimatus, last and final. • Some synonyms includes, supreme, top, utmost, uttermost, paramount, consummate (as in the highest degree, extremely skilled, accomplished and complete in every detail (perfect)). The fellows of Nzema Mensah Hall brand themselves with the word ultimators and it is true. We possesses all the qualities and it is perfect to attributes ourselves with it.

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