St. Francis’ College of Education Cut Off Points

By | May 6, 2020

St. Francis’ College of Education Cut Off Points 2022/2023

St. Francis’ College of Education Cut Off Points – Check Below:

Prospective Students

Admission Overview
Admission to St. Francis’ College of Education is solely based on one form of enrollment. This is by Regular students only. No enrollments are available in the category of visiting student or occasional students.
Regular Students
These are students who enroll in a full time programme and are awarded diploma degrees in basic education on successful completion by the university of Cape Coast.
Admission Requirements

The minimum entry requirements are as follows:

  1. WASSCE Candidates: Aggregate 36 or better in six (6) subjects comprising three (3) core subjects, (English, Mathematics and Integrated science) and three (3) other subjects.
  2. SSSCE Candidates: Aggregate 24 or better in six (6) subjects comprising three (3) core subjects (English, Mathematics and integrated science) and three (3) other subjects.
  3. SC/GCE (OL) Candidates: Aggregate 36 or better in six (6) subjects including English Language, Mathematics, a science subject (General science, Agric Science, Health Science, Biology, chemistry, physics) and three (3) other subjects.

SSSCE/WASSCE Candidates: An aggregate of 24/36 or better in six subjects (Core English, Core Mathematics and four other subjects including elective French)
SC/GCE (OL) Candidates: An aggregate of 36 or better six (6) subjects including English Mathematics and French.

  1. For applicants who wish to pursue the Special Diploma Programme in Mathematics and Science. In addition to the general minimum entry requirements, they should have at least Integrated Science, Elective Maths or any elective Science subject.

Applicants are to note that addition to the General Programme some Colleges offer other Special Programmes as Electives.

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