Simms Secondary School Uniform

By | March 13, 2020

Simms Secondary School Uniform

Simms Secondary School Uniform – Check Below:
All students at AIS are expected to abide by our uniform code. There are no exceptions. Uniforms should be neat, clean, and in good repair. Students’ personal appearance should reflect a respect for their school and the community. Students are expected to dress in a manner that is not distracting to teachers and/or other students. Hats/caps are not permitted. Teachers should be proactive in making parents/students aware of these rules if students are not coming to school appropriately dressed.
Shoes should be well fitting, completely attached to the feet and must conform to the dress code.  Bare feet or slippers are not allowed.
Because of the strength of the sun, students may wear a baseball cap or sun-hat when outdoors. Logos/messages must be discreet and in keeping with the Christian values of the school. All hats should be removed indoors.
General Guidelines for all:

  • Boys’ Party and Play Moccasins, Loafers, or Slip-On – (leather or suede)
  • Labeling: All items of clothing must be clearly labeled with the student’s full name.
  • Condition: Uniforms should be in good condition and not be ripped or in obvious disrepair. The length of the girl’s skirt must be no shorter than three inches above the back creases of the knee.
  • Cold Weather: Classic Navy Sweaters – with AIS embroidered logo (mandatory). No other sweaters or outerwear is permitted.


  • No jewelry is to be worn with the uniform or brought to school.
  • Only watches and small, stud earrings (for girls) for pierced ears are permitted.? Make up and/or nail polish are not to be worn to school.
  • Boys: Hair must be neat and cut short – No designs or Mohawk hair style is permitted
  • Girls: Hair accessories should remain in keeping with the uniform – navy, black, white hair ties only. No beads or hair extensions in single braids are permitted (only in corn rows and hair length must not be below the shoulder).
  • Sneakers are required for all PE classes – Velcro or shoe laced sneakers are permitted.


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