SDA Senior High School Aggregate

By | March 7, 2020

SDA Senior High School Aggregate

SDA Senior High School Aggregate – Check Below:
BECE students with grade 26-48 will enjoy Senior High School –  SHS placement. Most students and parents feel such grades are bad and that such students with such grades will not be placed when the school placement starts.
The fear is that they will not be admitted into Senior High School.
The truth however is that, their fear is not likely to be the reality.
The reasons why all candidates who sat for the BECE will be placed or allowed to do enjoy free SHS as
1. Free Senior High School (Free SHS) is not discriminatory in the sense that the government believes that BECE should not be the end of schooling for any student after completing his or her Basic education. This simply implies, candidates who score above aggregate 25 will also be given the chance to enjoy Senior High School Education.
2. The second reason why every BECE sitter will gain admission into Senior High School during the School Placement is that, the new school placement sysem called The Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) permits students to be placed in schools based on their raw score and not the grades they obtained.
Thus the sum of the actual scores a BECE certificate holder obtained summing up (English Languae, Social Studies, Mathematics, Integrated Science) and any other two best subjects are used
3. Again, there are enough schools to get students placed when the school placement is completed. Those who do not get automatic placement would be usually given a second chance to do what is called Self Placement. What it means is that, if a student is not placed but is given the option, he or she must go online to the school placement portal and select a school. Find the process on How To Check Your SHS Placement which we published earlier and brace your self for any eventualities.
4. Furthermore, the government of Ghana is ensuring that every child of school-going age is giving an opportunity to at least complete SHS. The government is not likely to decide to prevent any candidate from continuing his or her education at the Secondary school level. But note that, you will be placed based on merit
5. Finally, the Ghana Education Service has announced on countless occasions that, there will not be any cut-off point for entry into SHS. This means that all candidates have an equal opportunity to be placed in one school or the other when the Ghana Education Service completes the placement.
Students are encouraged and assured to put away the fear of not getting placed because they did not perform well. The days of the cut of point are over. Until GES decides otherwise. No student will be left behind unless some other issues crop up
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