SAT In Ghana

By | March 31, 2020

SAT In Ghana

SAT in Ghana vs. SAT in the US

With respect to the examination itself, taking the SAT in Ghana is just like taking in the United States, or anywhere else. Though somebody taking the examination in Ghana and another taking it in the US may not have access to the same amount or quality of preparatory material. However, even those resource gaps can be bridged with the help of some available tools and avenues.

Peculiarities of taking the SAT in Ghana

Ordinarily, one should be able to check into an SAT exam centre with an admission ticket. However, because of identity fraud and exam malpractices, the College Board has decided to disallow the use of admission tickets in Ghana, Nigeria, and some other countries. Hence, a passport is the only valid ID with which one can check into an SAT exam hall in Ghana and Nigeria.

How can I get help?

There are many SAT prep centres in Ghana. These vary in quality and scope but are easily accessible in the major cities: Accra, Kumasi, Tema, and Takoradi. Most of these test prep centres are run by people who have some experience helping students who plan to study abroad, especially in the US. They typically have books from Kaplan and Barron’s from which their instructors assist students. The prices also vary widely and could be anything between 250 cedis (about $80) and 2000 cedis (about $700) for different packages and arrangements.

Online SAT Prep in Ghana

There is no significant effort in the area of online test prep. This is mainly because most students appear to prefer a face to face interaction with their instructors for fear of fraud and the unknown. This sentiment, coupled with the dearth and spottiness of Internet access makes the proposition for online test prep a tall order.

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