Osram ne Nsoromma (Ɔsram ne Nsoromma) Symbol, Meaning and Significance

Osram ne Nsoromma (Ɔsram ne Nsoromma) Symbol, Meaning and Significance

osram ne nsoromma adinkra symbol

Literal meaning

The literal meaning of Osram ne Nsoromma is “moon and star.”



Osram ne Nsoromma is a symbol of faithfulness and fidelity, especially in marriage. This understanding derives from the Akan proverb “Kyekye pɛ awareɛ,”

Akan proverbs on marriage

1. Awaree kwan ware

Literally: The journey of marriage is long.

Marriage is forever. Only death should separate a man from his wife. Divorce is frowned upon. Those who propose to enter into marriage should be prepared to go the long haul.

2. Woreko awaree a bisa

Literally: When you are going to marry, ask.

Ask whom? Ask what?

Find out about the person you propose to marry. If the journey of marriage is long and one should stay married till death, then one must be cautious in choosing a partner. Making the wrong choice is an unfortunate mistake.

3. Awaree nye nsafufuo na waka ahwe

Literally: Marriage is not palmwine that may be sampled.

You either marry or not. You can’t taste the marriage to see if it is good before you decide to enter. To taste it is to enter it.

This proverb may be used by one who has regretted his decision to get married. Such a person would take consolation in the fact that had marriage been like palmwine, he would have first tasted it and discovered that he did not like it and therefore not enter it.

4. Obaa ko awaree a ode ne na ko

Literally: When a woman marries she takes her mother along.

Like mother like daughter. The upbringing a woman received from her mother while unmarried is what she will put up in her marital home. The Twi proverb which says “Se worepe wo yere mmerewammre mu ahwe a, hwe w’ase,” literally, “If you want to know how your wife will look when old, look at your mother-in-law” somehow captures the same point.

5. Oyere te se kuntu: wode kata wo so a wo ho keka wo; wuyi gu ho nso a, awo de wo

Literally: A wife is like a blanket: if you cover yourself with it, you itch; but if you put it away, you feel cold

It may be good to have a wife but there are down sides as well.