Nkyinkyim Symbol, Meaning and Significance

Nkyinkyim Symbol, Meaning and Significance


Literal meaning



A symbol depicting the twists and turns in the journey of life

The design of Nkyinkyim depicts the tortuous nature of life’s journey. these twists and turns require one to be versatile and resilient to survive.

The proverb associated with this symbol is “Ɔbra kwan yɛ nkyinkyimii,” which literally means “Life’s journey is twisted.”

Since a great number of proverbs are to the young and inexperienced, it is proper to construe this symbol as admonishing younger persons to brace up for what life may throw at them. Yes, they may not be aware of impending challenges but that is no excuse to resign to fate. By sheer force of will and determination, they can succeed.

Akan proverbs on life

1. Ɔbra ne wo ara wo bɔ

Literally: Life is what you make of it.

2. Ɔbra ye bɔ na

Literally: Living life is hard to do.

Nkyinkyim in logos

Nkyinkyim can be found in the logo of Accra Polytechnic.

It is also found in the logo of Axis Human Capital where it is a “symbol of initiative, adaptability, dynamism and versatility.”