Machakos University School of Education

By | June 10, 2022

Machakos University School of Education

Machakos University School of Education – Check Below:


Machakos University School of Education is one of the largest and fastest growing schools in terms of student population in Machakos University. Currently, the school has a student population of over 3,000 Government and Self-Sponsored Students pursuing various programmes in diploma, bachelors and postgraduate studies. The School has been in existence since the establishment of Machakos University. It has highly qualified members of teaching staff.
The core business of the school is to provide high quality teacher training and research for the benefit of our schools and the country. Our vision is to be a preferred school of excellence in transforming society through quality teacher education. The School endeavours to discharge to the market highly qualified teachers who can address the challenges facing our schools for the realization of socioeconomic development and the Country’s vision 2030. The School tries to ensure quality in training and service delivery to its customers through strict adherence to its core values which are; commitment to professionalism, efficiency, excellence, integrity, transparency, accountability, respect for others, equity and teamwork.

The School has four departments; namely:
1. Department of Educational Management and Curriculum Studies
2. Department of Early Childhood Education and Educational Communication and Technology
3. Department of Educational Psychology and Special Needs Education
4. Teaching Practice Department


  • Machakos University Department of ECE and ECT
  • Machakos University Department of Educational Management and Curriculum Studies
  • Machakos University Department of Teaching Practice and Part Time Program
  • Machakos University Department of Educational Psychology and Special Needs Education

Machakos University School of Education Contacts



136 – 90100, Machakos.



+254 723 805 829 / +254 735 247 939

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