List Of Proverbs and Sayings About Fools

List Of Proverbs And Sayings About Fools

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Hieronymus Bosch (1450—1516)
The Extraction of the Stone of Madness. Fragment. 1475—1480
Museo del Prado. Madrid

barber learns by shaving fools, for which reason you stick to your barber but change your washer man, since a new Dhobi washes clean.Tamil proverb.

A boy’s work is little, but who doesn’t use it is a fool.Portuguese proverb.

A cigarette is a pipe with a fire at one end, a fool at the other, and a bit of tobacco in between.American proverb.

fool bull will look only for the green grass without looking the danger of toppling over the steep valley.Amharic proverb.

fool dreams of wealth, a wise man, of happiness.Kurdish proverb.

fool goes to the baths and forgets to wash his face.Yiddish proverb.

fool looks for dung where the cow never grazed.Ethiopian proverb.

fool may throw a stone into a well which a hundred wise men cannot pull out.Azerbaijanian proverb.

fool of a Barhai’s has neither chisel nor adze and wants to be the village carpenter.Tamil proverb.

fool only wins the first game.Danish saying.

fool says what he knows, and a wise man knows what he says.Yiddish proverb.

fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.English proverb.

fool will not give his bauble for the Tower of London.Scottish saying.

fool will pair an ox with an elephant.Ethiopian saying.

foolish judge passes brief sentence.French proverb.

foolish wife drives her husband from his country.German proverb.

A leaking roof may fool sunny weather, but cannot fool the rain.Haitian proverb.

A man and a goat can be friends but it would be foolishness for the goat to pay the first visit.African proverb.

A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.English proverb.

A nod for a wise man, and a rod for a fool.Arabic proverb.

A person can study for seventy years and at the end die a fool.Yiddish proverb.

A smart man always takes, a fool always gives.Latvian proverb.

A spoon does not know the taste of soup, nor a learned fool the taste of wisdom.English proverb.

thorn, a hound’s tooth, a fool’s word: these are the three sharpest things.Irish proverb.

All people like people, only the devil had not taken off his cap.Russian proverb.

An ass is recognized by his long ears, a fool by his long tongue.Yiddish proverb.

Better to be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.English proverb.

By the time the fool has learned the game, the players have dispersed.African proverb.

Children and fools speak the truth.Spanish proverb.

Even fools are thought wise when they keep silent; with their mouths shut, they seem intelligent.English proverb.

Every person is a fool in some person’s opinion.Spanish proverb.

Everyone has a fool in his sleeve.English proverb.

Fool celebrates New Year’s every times worse than previous one.Thai proverb.

Fools and crazy people write their names on walls and windows.Dutch proverb.

Fools and knives require good handling.Japanese proverb.

Fools and stubborn people make rich lawyers.Swedish saying.

Fools ask what’s o’clock, but wise men know their time.Dutch proverb.

Fools build houseswise men buy them.German proverb.

Fools look to tomorrow; wise men use tonight.Scottish proverb.

Fools love not the wise, drunkards love not the sober.Ukrainian proverb.

Fools make feasts, and wise men eat them.Scottish proverb.

Fools who chop the cherry tree, fools who don’t chop the pulm tree.Japanese proverb.

For fools a law was not written, if it was written — it was not read, if it was read — it was not understood, if it was understood — wrong.Russian proverb.

Give me bread and call me a fool.Spanish proverb.

Great fools must have great bells.Dutch proverb.

Hares are caught with hounds, fools with praise, and women with gold.German proverb.

He alone is wise who can accommodate himself to all the contingencies of life; but the foolcontends, and is struggling, like a swimmer, against the stream.Latin proverb.

He that’s a wise man by day is no fool by night.English proverb.

He who eats globefish soup is a fool; so is he who does not.Japanese proverb.

If a fool borrows a book cut off his hand; but cut off both hands of the fool who brings it back.Persian proverb.

If every fool wore a crown, we should all be kings.English proverb.

If the fool wasn’t mine, I would laugh.Ukrainian proverb.

In the moment of crisis, the wise build bridges and the foolish build dams.African proverb.

It is better to carry stones with a wise than to eat pilaf with a fool.Azerbaijanian proverb.

It is easier to make a camel jump a ditch than to make a fool listen to reason.Kurdish proverb.

It is only the foolish cock that believes the sun won’t rise if he doesn’t crow.African saying.

It is the fool whose own tomatoes are sold to him.Ghanaian proverb.

London Bridge was made for wise men to go over and fools to go under.English proverb.

Luck sometimes visits a fool, but it never sits down with him.German proverb.

Man fools himself: he prays for a long life, and he fears an old age.Chinese proverb.

Money does not last for fools.Spanish proverb.

Neither give cherries to pigs nor advice to a fool.Irish proverb.

Never give a sword to a fool or power to an unjust man.Greek proverb.

Never has a man more need of his intelligence than when a fool asks him a question.Chinese proverb.

Nothing looks more like a man of sense than a fool who holds his tongue.German proverb.

Only fools and horses work.English proverb.

Send fool for scotch, he brings a glue tape.Soviet proverb.

Silence is a dress of the smart man and a mask of the fool.Arabic proverb.

Showing honor to a fool is as bad as tying a rock in a sling.English proverb.

The army without a political instructor is like the village without a fool.Soviet proverb.

The dreaming man makes excuses for his inaction and places a fools cap on his head.Moroccan proverb.

The feast passes and the fool remains.Italian proverb.

The fool admires the fool, the mullah admires the funeral halvah.Azerbaijanian proverb.

The fool has his answer on the tip of his tongue.Arabic proverb.

The fool speaks, the wise man listens.African proverb.

The fool ties such knot, that cannot be undone by hundred wisemen.Russian proverb.

The fools who cut cherry trees, the fools who don’t cut plum trees.Japanese proverb.

The greatest folly of the fool is that he thinks he is smart.Yiddish proverb.

The more you flatter a fool, the more seriously he plays his game.Spanish proverb.

The mother of a fool is always pregnant.Sicilian saying.

The obliging fool is worse than an enemy.Ukrainian proverb.

The spite turns a smart man into a fool.Yiddish proverb.



The wise man is father of the fool.African saying.

The words of a wise are like the pearl and ruby, the word of a fool causes only the pain.Karaite saying.

There are more foolish buyers than foolish sellers.French proverb.

There is a fool at every feast.Dutch proverb.

There is no one so wise that wine does not make him a fool.German proverb.

Thousand of fools goes, we seek out weirdos.Soviet proverb.

To close the gate of the bull pen after the bull has escaped is foolishness.Indian proverb.

To fool pomodoros ( to cheat somebody, slang ).Soviet idiom.

To know an ass on ears, a bear on claws, and the fool according to speeches.Russian proverb.

Two fools won’t make a village.Kazakh proverb.

What a fool can spoil, ten wise men cannot repair.Yiddish proverb.

When a finger is pointing at the moon, the fool looks at the finger.Chinese proverb.

When a fool has the cow by the horns, the wise man can milk it.Yiddish proverb.

Where there are no fools, there would be no wise men.German proverb.

While three wise men pull a troika, a fool can be eating kasha.Russian proverb.

Who loves not womenwine and song, remains a fool his whole life long.German proverb.

Who wakes up early: either a baker or a fool.Bosnian saying.

Whoever goes to Palermo and doesn’t see Monreale, goes there a jackass and returns a fool.Sicilian proverb.

Wine and women make fools of everybody.German proverb.

With a fool you can not cook kasha: either the millet doesn’t boil, or the fire doesn’t burn.Ukrainian proverb.

Wolf, wolf, walk upon the footsteps of your parents.Karaite saying.

Women and fools never forgive.Chinese proverb.

Worse than a fool is only a fool with an initiative.Soviet proverb.

You can beat a fool half to death but you can’t beat the foolishness out of him.African proverb.

You have to whip a horse, you have to put a bridle on a mule, and you have to beat a fool.English proverb.


Hieronymus Bosch (1450—1516)
Ship of Fools. Fragment. 1495—1500. Louvre. Paris