Laikipia University School Of Education

By | June 10, 2022

Laikipia University School Of Education

Laikipia University School Of Education | Read details of Overview and the the list of courses offered by the school of education within Laikipia University.

Overview Of Laikipia University School Of Education

The School offers four programmes, which have been approved by the Senate. The programmes prepares students for a career in teaching, education and management, supervision, curriculum development and supervision and examination.
School Structure

The School of Education has an academic Dean who is the academic and administrative head of the School in accordance with the  statues of Laikipia University.
The School  comprises departments headed by chairpersons as the academic and administrative heads. We have the following departments.

  1. Psychology, Counselling and Educational Foundations
  2. Curriculum and Educational Management

Students Advising
Each student will be allocated an academic supervisor who will assist them through their academic well being in the university. The advisor will be one of the lecturers in various departments.
Deferment of studies
Students who may wish to defer studies must get permission to do so. This is done by applying to the Registrar (AA) through the academic dean.
Course registration
Registration of courses is handled by respective Chairs of Departments. You are advised to seek for advice before you choose particular subject of study. We have a variety of subject combination from which you will make your choice.
All year 1 & 2 course will be compulsory. Some elective will be offered in year 3 & 4.
Inter-School Transfers
There may be students who might want to study other disciples not available in the School . They will be allowed to fill in Inter-School transfer forms within the first two weeks. They will then be informed of the results of their applications in due course.

Laikipia University School Of Education Courses Offered

Academic Programme
The Programmes being offered include the following;
Diploma Programmes

  • Diploma in Education (Primary Option) – School-Based
  • Diploma in Education (Secondary Option) – Regular and School-Based
  • Diploma in Guidance and Counselling
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Regular and School-Based)

Bachelor Degree Programmes

  • Bachelor of Education (Secondary Option) – Regular and School-Based
  • Bachelor of Education (Primary Option) – School-Based: Mathematics, Languages, and Social Studies
  • Bachelor of Education in Agricultural Education

Master Degree Programmes

  • Master of Education in Educational Management
  • Master of Education in Guidance and Counselling

PhD Programmes

  • Counselling Psychology
  • Educational Management
  • Educational Psychology
  • Philosophy of Education

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