KTU Faculty of Business and Management Studies Programmes

KTU Faculty of Business and Management Studies Programmes

Academic Programmes

  1. Department of Accountancy
  • Bachelor of Technology Accounting
  • HND Accounting
  1. Department of Purchasing & Supply
  • Bachelor of Technology Procurement & Supply Chain Management
  • HND Purchasing & Supply
  1. Department of Marketing
  • Bachelor of Technology Marketing
  • HND Marketing
  1. Department of Secretaryship & Management Studies
  • Bachelor of Technology Secretaryship & Management Studies
  • HND Secretaryship & Management Studies
  1. Department of Professional Studies

The department runs Diploma in Business Studies (DBS) with various options;

  • DBS Statistics
  • DBS Information Communication Technology (ICT)
  • DBS Entrepreneurship
  • DBS Accounting
  • DBS Purchasing & Supply
  • DBS Banking & Finance
  • DBS Marketing
  • DBS Secretarial
  1. Department of Liberal Studies

Services all the Departments with general courses.

All the above mentioned programmes run morning, evening and weekend sessions.

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