Koforidua Technical University KTU SRC Portal


Koforidua Technical University KTU SRC Portal

Using the Portal…

  1. Enter your Student ID e.g. 04/2015/0000D
  2. Enter your Mobile Number e.g 0240000000
  3. Click on Login

Contact us

if you have any challenge logging into the Portal

Email: support@ktusrc.org | src@ktu.edu.gh

WhatsApp: 0505768886 | 0240273100

Facebook: facebook.com/ktusrc

Instagram: instagram.com/ktusrc


Official website: ktusrc.org


LOGIN HERE: https://ktusrc.org/portal/

REGISTER HERE: https://ktusrc.org/portal/register.php

Administrator Portal: https://ktusrc.org/admin/


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