Kirinyaga University Accommodation

By | June 10, 2022

Kirinyaga University Accommodation

Kirinyaga University Accommodation | Read the list and details of college, private and executive hostels available at the campuses of Kirinyaga University. See details below…

Kirinyaga University Accommodation Updates… Read on Kirinyaga University Accommodation. See details of Kirinyaga University Accommodation. Kirinyaga University Accommodation Information.


The Office of the Dean of Students coordinates both catering and accommodation services in the University. Its function is to ensure quality residential and catering services at affordable rates. Meals are provided on a Pay As You Eat principle and accommodation is available on a first come first served basis.  The Dean’s office also works closely with the University Clinic to see to the physical welfare of the students.
The University has appointed a Liaison officer who interacts regularly with external hostel providers. During admission the external hostel providers are provided with a desk at the registration hall where new students are able to select, pay and get escorted to hostels of choice. Photographs of external hostels and contacts of the agents are available on our web so that students can also make hostel reservations from the comfort of their homes. It is possible to reserve accommodation through the agents’ telephone numbers provided. For new students , please be careful not to send money to people who may pretend to be hostel agents.
A big proportion of students stay and live in private hostels built close to the university by the local community. The office of the Dean of Students has visited the following hostels and found them to be suitable for students of the gender indicated. Please call the cellphone numbers provided for more details.



  • A ladies and Men hostel
  • The students can stay
  • One or maximum of two per room.
  • Mattresses and beddings are NOT provided.
  • Beddings NOT provided.
  • Located about 400 meters from the University next to ACK St. Pauls Church, Kutus



  • Situated in KUTUS 50 meters from the University
  • Self contained rooms
  • A ladies & men hostel
  • One student per room
  • Bed and mattresses provided
  • Tables & Chair provided
  • Beddings not provided
  • Meals not provided
  • Free WIFI
  • Free DSTV Services
  • 24 HR CCTV Surveillance



  • Situated 1000M from the University
  • A ladies ONLY hostel
  • Four students per room
  • Bed and mattresses provided
  • Beddings not provided
  • Meals not provided



  • A ladies and Men hostel
  • Self – contained single rooms
  • A chair and a table provided
  • Mattresses and beddings not provided
  • Water is provided
  • Pre – paid electricity



  • A male and female hostel
  • Located about 300meters from the university.
  • Students stay two per room
  • Meals are available on pay as you eat basis.
  • Bed and mattresses are provided
  • Beddings not provided.



  • Blocks A hosts men and block B hosts ladies.
  • Situated opposite Kutus Kobil petrol station, about 200meters from the university.
  • Students stay two in a room.
  • Bed and mattresses are provided
  • Beddings not provided.



  • A men’s and ladies’ hostel
  • Students stay four in a room
  • Situated next to Kutus market about 1000 meters from the university.
  • Bed and mattresses are provided but not beddings.



  • A male and female hostel
  • Situated 200 meters from Kutus town next to FEB Church.
  • Students can choose to stay in two or four in a room and pay different charges as indicated.
  • Bed and mattresses are provided but not beddings.



  • A ladies hostel
  • Situated near Kutus Kobil petrol station, about 300meters from the university.
  • Single occupant only per room.
  • Self contained rooms.
  • Bed and mattresses are provided but not beddings.



  • A ladies hostel
  • Situated opposite Kutus Kobil petrol station, about 300meters from the university.
  • Four students per room.
  • Hot shower
  • Bed and mattresses are provided but not beddings.
  • There is a kitchen where students can prepare meals at no extra cost.



  • A ladies and men’s hostel
  • Situated 300 meters from the University
  • Student stay one per room and a maximum of 2 in a room
  • Meals not provided
  • Bed and mattresses provided
  • Beddings not provided



  • A ladies and men hostel
  • Chairs and tables are provided.
  • Beds and Mattresses are provided
  • Beddings are not provided.
  • Located in Kutus about 500meters from the University

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