Kenyatta University School Of Law Courses

By | May 15, 2022

Kenyatta University School Of Law Courses

Kenyatta University School Of Law Courses – Check Below:

Entry Requirements
Candidates must satisfy the minimum University entry requirements. In addition, the following are the minimum requirements for entry into our Bachelor of Laws programme:
i. A mean grade of B in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) including a minimum of a B in English.
ii. Any other type of qualification including the former A-level Kenyan system, regional,or international qualifications must be equivalent to the minimum requirement outlined
above. The equivalency of such grades can be obtained from the Kenya NationalExaminations Council.
iii. Mean grade of C- (Minus) at KCSE and progressed from certificate to Diploma at Kenyatta University or any other recognized/accredited Institutions. Kenyatta University School Of Law Courses
Examinations are carried out to the highest standards at KUSOL as is expected by the University. The examination questions and results are moderated by the School at departmental level to ensure quality in the setting as well as marking of examinations. External examiners are regularly invited to assess these processes to ascertain quality. All the following Kenyatta University examination regulations with respect to examinations apply:
Moderation of Examinations
Examinations are moderated internally within the departments and by an external examiner as per University Examinations Regulations as follows:- Each examination paper is moderated by the department before being taken to an external examiner appointed by the University Senate.Each examination paper has a marking guide and course outline to facilitate moderation both at the department and externally.Examination marks are moderated first by the department and thereafter by the external examiner. The final mark is then approved by the School Board of Examiners and University Senate.The External Examiner is an expert in the area of law, normally a holder of a PhD in law, with at least a minimum of 5 years teaching experience as a Senior Lecturer or an Associate Professor.
To qualify for the award of the Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) Programme, a candidate must take and pass a total of at least fifty two (52) course units. This includes all the units designated as core units in the curriculum and thus mandatory; the required university Common Units and the following practical units Judicial Attachment – the equivalence of 42 hours of lectures, Clinical Externship –the equivalence of 42 hours of lectures. The degree shall be based on the average score in at least 52 units taken and passed and shall be classified as: First Class Honours for an average of 70-100% (A) ;Second Class Honours (Upper Division) for an average of 60-69% (B);Second Class Honours (Lower Division) for an average of 50 – 59%;(C) and Pass, for an average of 40-49% (D)
The course units comprising the law programme are undertaken mainly during the semester and involve students attending lectures on a face-to-face basis, or other form of contact time with the lecturer. School of Law
Each course unit is allocated three hours per week which is broken into two sessions of two and  one hour respectively undertaken on separate days of the week. Some course units however are taken ‘out’ of semester and these have a practical element to them. Kenyatta University School Of Law Courses
The law programme takes a minimum of eight (8) semesters of full time attendance of lectures offered at the School. This equates to two semesters per calendar year of sixteen (16) weeks that constitute fourteen (14) weeks of class contact time and two (2) weeks of examinations.
All students are expected to adhere to this time-frame except in circumstances permitted by the University Senate at any one time. In such cases, a student may defer their studies subject to the time limits applicable under the relevant Kenyatta University regulations. Where students face difficulties with paying their fees for any semester, they can take the ‘semester off’ by making a formal application to the registrar (academic) who communicates the approval in writing

Tuituion Fees :150,000.00 , Statutory Fees: 21,500.00
Fee per Annum : 171,500.00

Key: * represents those course units that are mandatory according to the requirements of the Council for Legal Education.


UCU 100 Communication Skills
UCU 105 HIV/AIDS and Drugs
LPR 104 Legal Systems and Methods*
LCC 100 The Law of Contract I*
LPR 101 Social Foundations of Law
LPR 102 Legal Research and Writing*
LPL 102 Torts 1*



UCU 101 Development Studies
UCU 103 Introduction to Creative & Critical Thinking
LCC 102 The Law of Contract II*
LPL 103 Torts II*
LPR 106 Constitutional Law I*
LPR 100 Criminal Law I*
LPR 107 Administrative Law *



LPR 200 Criminal Procedure
LPR 201 Evidence I*
LPL 200 Equity*
LPR 207 Criminal Law II*
LPL 202 Family Law *
LPR 206 Constitutional Law II*
LPL 207 Law of Property in Land I*



LPL 203 : Civil Procedure
LPR 203 : Evidence II*
LPL 204 : Professional Ethics and Responsibility
LPL 205 : Law of Succession*
LPL 208 : Law of Property in Land II*
LPL 209 : Customary Law in Kenya
LPL 201 : Alternative Dispute Resolution



LIL 300 : Public International Law *
LCC 307 : Law of Business Associations I*
LCC 305 : Trusts*
LCC 309 : Commercial Law I*

Electives (Students must choose at least 2)

LPR 302 : Electoral Law
LIL 302 : Electoral Law
LCC 303 : Insurance Law
LPL 301 : Intellectual Property Law
LPR 300 : Health and the Law
LPL 302 : Children and the Law


LIL 303 : Conflict of Laws
LPR 301 : Clinical Seminar
LCC 308 : Law of Business Association II*
LCC 310 : Commercial Law II*

Electives (Students must choose at least 2)

LIL 304 : International Law of the Sea(A pass of at least 50% in LIL 300 a prerequis)
LIL 301 : International Dispute Resolution((A pass of at least 50% in LIL 300 a prerequis)
LPL 303 : Islamic Law
LIL 305 : East African Regional Law
LPR 303 : Legal and Legislative Drafting



LPL 401 : Dissertation
LPR 401 : Jurisprudence*
LPL 403 : Mooting
LIL 405 : International Human Rights Law

Electives (Students must choose at least 2)

LIL 400 : International Trade and Investments Law(A pass of at least 50% in LIL 300 a prerequisite)
LCC 401 : Banking Law
LIL 402 : Law, Science and Technology
LCC 403 : Competition Law
LPL 402 : Law and Gender Relationships
LCC 400 : Tax Law

LPR 400 : Clinical Externship (Out of Semester)


LPL 401 : Dissertation (To be graded this Semester)
LCC 402 : Accounting for Lawyers
LPL 400 : Labour Law *

Electives (Students must choose at least 3)

LIL 406 : Law of Refugees and Internally Displaced
LIL 403 : International Criminal Law
LPR 402 : Public Interest Clinic
LIL 407 : Law of International Organizations(A pass of at least 50% in LIL 300 a pre)
LCC 404 :  Consumer Protection
LCC 405 : Information & Communication Technology
LIL 401 : International Humanitarian Law(Law of Armed Conflicts]

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