Kenyatta University Main Campus Masters Courses

By | May 13, 2022

Kenyatta University Main Campus Masters Courses

Kenyatta University Main Campus Masters Courses – Check Below:

Masters Programmes A_Z

Administration, Master of Education

  • African Music, M.A.
  • Agriculture, Master of Economics
  • Agroforestry and Rural Development, Master of Environmental Studies
  • Animal Ecology, M.Sc.
  • Animal Physiology, M.Sc.
  • Applied and Theoretical Physics, M.Sc.
  • Applied Linguistics, M.Sc.
  • Aquatic Ecology, M.Sc.

Fashion, Design and Marketing, M.Sc.

  • Finance, M.Sc.
  • Finance, Master of Economics
  • Fisheries Sciences, M.Sc.
  • Foods, Nutrition & Dietetics, M.Sc.
  • Foreign Trade, M.Sc.
  • French, Msc

Parasitology, M.Sc.

  • Performance, Master of Musical Arts
  • Planning and Management, Master ofEnvironmental Studies
  • Plant Pathology, M.Sc.
  • Policy and Management, Master of Economics
  • Public Health, M.Sc.
  • Physical Education, M.Sc.
  • Peace And Conflict Management, M.Sc.
  • Philosophy, Msc

Biochemistry, M.Sc.

  • Biotechnology, M.Sc.

Genetics, M.Sc.

  • Guidance and Counseling, Master of Education.
  • Gender And Development Studies, Msc
  • Geography, Msc

Special Education, Master of Education

  • Sport Management and Recreation, Msc
  • Sociology, Msc

Chemistry, M.Sc.

  • Community Development, Master of Environmental Studies
  • Community Resource Management, M.Sc.
  • Composition, Master of Music
  • Curriculum Development, Master of Education

Health, Master of Economics

  • Hospitality & Tourism, M.Sc.
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management, M.Sc.
  • Human Resource Management, M.Sc.

Vertebrate Pest, M.Sc.
Development, Master of Economics

  • Developmental Biology, M.Sc.
  • Diplomacy And International Relations, M.Sc.

Immunology, M.Sc.

  • Infectious Disease Diagnosis, M.Sc.
  • International Trade and Finance, Master of Economics

Early Childhood Studies, Master of Education

  • Ecology, M.Sc.
  • Econometrics, Master of Economics
  • Economics, Master of Economics
  • Education, Master of Music
  • Educational Research, Evaluation and Measurement, Master of Education
  • Educational Planning and Economics of Education, Master of Education
  • Educational Psychology, Master of Education
  • Entrepreneurship Development, M.Sc.
  • Environment, Master of Economics
  • Environmental Education, M.Sc.
  • Environmental Science, Master of
  • Ethnobotany, M.Sc.
  • Exercise and Sports Science,M.Sc.
  • English And Linguistics,M.Sc.

Kiswahili, M.Sc.
Library and Information Science, Master of Library Science, Master of Education

  • Literature,Master of Arts

Marketing Management, M.Sc.

  • Mathematics, M.Sc.
  • MBA
  • Medical Entomology, M.Sc.
  • Medical Laboratory, M.Sc.
  • Microbiology, M.Sc.
  • Musicology, Master of Music

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