History Of Knutsford University College


History Of Knutsford University College

Knutsford University College is a private liberal arts, science and technology focused University College, established by a team of Ghanaian and foreign entrepreneurs and educators initiated by Mr. John Kwamena Essel in 2005. The University College was incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Ghana in September 2007 in Africa to provide academic and professional services to the public. In January 2008, the National Accreditation Board of the Ministry of Education in Ghana granted accreditation to the  University College. Also, in 2011, the University College got affiliated to the premier university in the Republic of Ghana i.e. University of Ghana, Legon. Under the affiliation protocols the University of Ghana offered to give institutional mentorship, and also awards the academic degrees of the programmes to which it is affiliated by the University College.

Knutsford University College is again affiliated to the Churches of Christ for students’ spiritual awareness and development. The University College’s primary objective is to provide quality and relevant education that addresses the growing and changing needs of individuals, society, economies and industry in this twenty-first century and even beyond. In this regard, Knutsford is committed to providing unique education defined in Scholarship, Professionalism and Integrity to all qualified Ghanaians, Africans and students of the global community. Most people describe the University College as the Royal University of Africa with the ecology or ambiance of excellence and prestige. We develop talents for life. Professor Robert Ampomah was the first President followed by Dr. Andrews Dadson. Currently, Professor Anthony K. Ahiawodzi is the President of the Knutsford University College.

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