Ghana Institute Of Languages GIL Careers


Ghana Institute Of Languages GIL Careers


Business Executives Stenography Banking and Finance
Personnel Manager Import/Export Fashion Industry
Receptionist Sales Automobile Industry
Secretary International Law Public Relations


International Operator Translator Publishing
Foreign Correspondent Interpreter Advertising
Journalist Editor Telecommunications
Photographer Customer Service Film and Entertainment


Teacher (K-12) Study Abroad Coordinator Textbook Author/Editor
University/College Professor Tutor Missionary Work
Overseas Teacher for Foreign Corporations & Diplomats Teacher for Commercial Language Schools ESL (English as a Second Language) Teacher

Government Services:

Peace Corps Immigration and Customs Aid Agencies
Diplomatic Corps INS Armed Forces
Court Interpreter Federal Agencies United Nations
Intelligence (CIA, FBI, National Security) Overseas Dependents’ Schools Social Work

Humanities & Arts:

Historian Art Historian Theater
Travel Writer Critic / Reviewer Philosophy
Author Actor / Actress Theology
Vocalist / Singer Linguist Area Studies


Technical Translator Engineering Anthropologist
Researcher Medicine Archeologist
Lab Technician Museum Studies Archivist
Field Researcher Library & Information Science


Software Designer or Tester Technical Support Specialist Web Developer
Applications Trainer Web Community Manager Software Consultant
Technical Writer Web Localization Specialist Software Localization Specialist

Travel Services:

Hotel and Restaurant Staff / Management Publisher of Tourist Literature Visitor and Convention Bureaus
Tour Guides Foreign Travel Advisors Airline Industry
Car Rental Agency Travel Agents National Parks

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