Free SHS Deadline 2020


Free SHS Deadline 2020

GES extends SHS re-posting deadline

GES had given them 48 hours to log onto and select an option available to them within 48 hours from September 1.

The Ghana Education Service has extended the deadline for placement of BECE candidates who qualified for Senior High School (SHS) placement but were not posted to the schools of their choice.

GES had given them 48 hours to log onto and select an option available to them within 48 hours from September 1.

But according to GES Director General Prof. Kwasi Opoku-Amankwa, many students including those who were placed have not been able to check their postings.

Qualified candidates who were not placed in any SHS now have up to Tuesday 5th September  to conclude the process.

Prof Opoku-Amankwa said :“In the past for candidates of that kind, we used our own discretion to place them in schools and we had challenges, they complained that they’ve been placed in schools that they did not select.


“This time round we want people to do their self placement and we want them to do it online. Our idea is that everybody who passed should have the opportunity to go to school. We expect that by Tuesday we’ll look at the numbers and if there’s the need for us to get back to it, we’ll do that.”

The whole idea is that we want them to go to school by 11th September. In the past admission and placement could go on till the end of the first term.

“We also realized that there’re complaints about the number of terms students spend in school to write the WASSCE. We’re taking various measures to ensure that they have their full nine terms in the schools, and this is one of them.”

A total of 267, 327 candidates secured places in schools of their choice, whilst 150,770 candidates could not be placed in schools of their choice.

In addition out of the total number of 460,941 registered candidates, 424,092 candidates representing 92% qualified to be placed, according to the GES.

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