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Christian Service University College CSUC Admission Forms – Matured Students 2021/2022

Christian Service University College CSUC Admission Forms – Check Below:

Mature Applicants

If you are a mature person, aged 25 and above with little or no previous education, CSUC offers an opportunity to begin your studies. Thus, Applicants who do not meet the general entry requirements but have attained the age of 25 and above can enrol in the CSUC Access Course for mature students. Once successfully completed, the individual could purchase a degree forms and choose any of the disciplines in offer. Requirements:
  • Applicants must attain 25 years or above, and should be able to provide evidence either by birth certificate, passport, baptismal certificate, driver’s licence etc which is recognised in Ghana.
  • Applicants interested in Bachelor of Arts in Planning and Social Development must have passes in WASSCE/SSSCE 3 core subjects including English Language, Mathematics and Integrated Science. In addition, they must have a pass in 2 of the following electives: Economics, Geography, Mathematics, Business Management or Government.

All mature applicants should:

  1. Download, Print and Complete the online Access Course Application Form
  2. The Access Course application form is not for sale.
  3. The Completed Access Course Application form must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar, CSUC.
  4. Applicants will undertake an access course programme after which they will be examined on 3 subjects namely English Language, Quantitative Techniques and Logic.
  5. Successful candidates who pass the access course examination will then proceed to purchase the CSUC e-Voucher from any of the sale points.
  6. Applicants will then complete their admission application via our online platform ( using the purchased e-Voucher.

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Please Note the following:

Access course for mature students for the 2017/2021 academic year is ongoing.

  • Teaching Session: Friday Evenings; and Saturdays (Mornings and Mid-Afternoons).


NB: Holders of HND, ABCE, GCE ‘O’ & A’ levels from accredited institutions may also enrol in the Access course. Upon successful completion, they may be considered for a higher placement i.e. L200 or L300 in the four year degree programme.

Completed application forms together with a proof of age and results slips if applicable, should be forwarded to

The Registrar,

Christian Service University College

P. O. Box 3110,

Kumasi – Ghana


Our Help Lines are (Opened from 9:00 AM GMT – 4:00 PM GMT weekdays)

+233 3220 – 28781, +233 3220 – 39258, +233 3220 – 39303

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