About Lancaster University Ghana LUG Foundation Programme

About Lancaster University Ghana LUG Foundation Programme

Course Overview 

Our Foundation (FDN) Programme, designed by Transnational Academic Group, it is a unique curriculum for students who only partially fulfil direct entry criteria for undergraduate programmes. The Programme establishes a pathway for students wishing to gain entry into undergraduate programmes at LU UK or Ghana, ensuring a smooth transition from secondary school into university. It is the only foundation programme of its kind on the African continent to have received full accreditation from the British Accreditation Council.

What makes our Foundation Programme stand out
We reward our top performers for academic excellence. Our brightest students have the opportunity to make the Provosts List. Some benefits of the Provost List are:
•   Personal Achievement – solid evidence that you have worked hard during the academic year.
•   Attractiveness to Prospective Employers – increases the competitive edge overyour class mates
• Prestige – Making the Provost’s  list is synonymous to academic success and has traditionally been looked upon favorably by fellow students and faculty
We integrate theoretical learning with practical application while trying try to make learning as fun and as interactive as possible. In the process, students learn how to think critically in everything they do – be it in academic research and writing, in debating, or when honing their presentation skills. In Project Management for example, students stand the chance of winning cash prizes for their group presentations.

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