About Atebubu College of Education


About Atebubu College of Education

About Atebubu College of Education – see details below:

1974, a batch of students was enrolled to pursue the Certificate ‘A’ (2-Year) Post Secondary Teachers course. However, that programme was phased out in July, 1976.

With the phasing out of the Certificate ‘A’ (4-Year) programme nationwide in 1991, the college became a Post-Secondary Teacher Training College offering the 3-Year Certificate ‘A’ course.

The college was given accreditation to run the Diploma in Basic Education programme by the National Accreditation Board in 1st September, 2007.

We wish to add that meeting teacher demand remains a great challenge to the MOE and GES due to insufficient numbers of trained teachers to match the demand for teachers in the basic schools. It was against this background that the college was given the opportunity to run the first cohort of the Untrained Teachers Diploma in Basic Education (UTDBE) programme organized by the Ghana Education Service (GES) in 2005. This first batch of the UTDBE students completed their programme in 2009.


The college is currently involved in the training of the second cohort of the UTDBE students. The current population of the UTDBE students stands at Nine Hundred and Nineteen (919) and they are expected to complete their course in August, 2016.

With the passage of the Education Act 2008 (Act 778), the college is now a Tertiary institution affiliated to the University of Cape Coast.

Currently, the academic staff strength is Thirty-Six (36). About two-thirds of this number has completed their masters degree programmes by sandwich. The rest are degree holders from reputable and recognized universities.

There are Sixty-Three (63) non-teaching staff members in the College. The student’s enrolment now stands at 1230 for regular DBE students and 919 for the UTDBE students.



The College shall train teachers who are academically and professionally competent to teach in the basic schools in Ghana.


We strive to become one of the best Teacher Education institutions in the country.


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